Professional Residential Paper Shredding Services in Dallas

“When in doubt, don’t throw it out” Shred-It!

Residential Paper Shredding Dallas

Residential Shredding is becoming as common as your local phone service. Here in Dallas and Fort Worth area, more and more residents are working from home, or have joined others in the workforce establishing a Home-Based-Business. For this reason, along with the fact that individuals have become more aware of identity theft and the need to safeguard their personal information, many are discovering the benefits of utilizing a Professional Shredding Service as a cost effective alternative to their traditional “Home Office Shredder.” Home office shredders are expensive, messy, unreliable, and inconvenient. Repairs are often very costly, and most of the models are unable to “hold up” to the amount of documents produced by your average household.

Data Shredding Services of Texas, Inc. offers mobile and plant based residential shredding service throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan areas. We will be more than happy to come to your residence or location regardless of the size of the job or amount of material you may have! We do however welcome Individuals and Business’s alike to take advantage of the savings associated with bringing in your material to our state of the art facility to witness the shredding process first hand! For more information on our “Walk In Service” please refer to the associated tab on our drop down menu located on our home page.

Our company has assisted many of our customers with safeguarding their confidential information. Our Residential Shredding Services are a perfect way securely dispose of those old documents that are taking ups space in your garage, home office, or closet! Let us Help! Give us a Call Today!

Confidential Residential Paper Shredding DallasResidential Paper Shredding Services Dallas